Bizzcom s.r.o

Bizzcom, s.r.o. is a modern engineering company providing complex services and systematic solutions in the field of advanced manufacturing methods. BIZZCOM company has been founded in 2007 in Trnava, Slovakia, being located nowadays in Bučany (cca 15 km from Trnava), being involved in business in the field of manufacturing, control and automation. By gradual gaining of references the company expanded its manufacturing portfolio to such an extent, that since 2011 it is able to deliver complete turn-key solutions using its own production facilities and processes ( The company designs and produces automatic production and assembly lines and it is also an integrator with its own departments of design, electro-projection, production, assembly and installation. The company has the flexibility to adapt its production in accordance to the client particular needs. The company is able to produce single purpose devices, which represents unique machines that are tailored according to the customer’s requirements and production conditions, thereby streamlining and enhancing the production, with the aim of reducing costs and speeding up the entire manufacturing process. According to the customer needs, machineries can be build up within the BIZZCOM company, which has also a strong expertise in wiring and control systems. Robotic cells can be build also or can be integrated in different production processes that are related to measurement, grinding, drilling, welding, handling and palletizing processes or applications of adhesive and damping materials. Industrial automation and integration of intelligent automated systems in production processes in order to perform various tasks with high autonomy and adaptability to the surrounding conditions is also one of the main aim of BIZZCOM company. BIZZCOM company is also involved in the quality management domain in order to maintain and improve the quality of product, to identify and evaluate direct and indirect environmental aspects and safety risks posed by activities and services, to evaluate any hazards, threats and risks in the workplace, to improve working conditions and thus avoiding adverse event. Traceability is a powerful tool to retrieve data and records about the processes, production and changes to it. It allows any authorized user to quickly get data about the product. The great advantage is that the system works on-line. Due to the growing demand for quality and diversity of shapes of output products, the company expanded its product range with innovative technologies in the field of 3D printing and RIM casting in the last period. In the field of 3D prototyping each product, whether it is an industrial product or a product for the final consumer, goes through several phases of the development cycle. During the design phase the additive technology has proved to be a unique tool for confirmation of the product design and large design companies increasingly prefer realistic 3D model instead of a 2D visualization. 3D printing allows you to get quickly and easily feedback from development engineers as well as from the final customer for whom the product is intended. The company has 3D printers which enable printing of models in full colors based on powdered composite material or ABS plastic. The model is finalized according to the customer requirements, depending on whether it is intended for presentation purposes or functional tests. RIM casting is the ideal solution for small series production, where the tested prototype is used for the manufacturing of mold, and subsequently a copy of it is produced. BIZZCOM company offer vacuum casting solutions of 3D models or other products that allow effective, fast and very precise production of plastic parts, while saving up to 90% of the price and time, compared to conventional production of the metal molds. It is possible to use a variety of casting polymers, silicones, resins, and elastomers. The company enables the customer to make a product with the desired properties through the method of composite materials. The company deals also with machine production of precision components and processing of metallic and non-metallic materials. The company has its own capacities available – machinery, production hall and qualified personnel with years of experience in the field of CNC machining, CNC bending, laser cutting, milling, turning, cutting and precision cutting of materials. The company has approximately 90 employees with high level of expertise and experience in the presented domains where BIZZCOM company was and is actively involved with several important customers and partners, like ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Bosch, Staubli, Siemens, Schneider electric, Mitsubishi electric, etc.

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