Important information

The activities will be held using Microsoft MS Teams platform. You have been added in the group using your account that has been created. If you have troubles in finding or accessing the group, please access the following link:

on Monday 19.07.2021 morning at 9 AM (Eastern European Time). Please try to connect to the Teams with approximate 30 minutes in the preamble.

Laboratory activities are organizing on separate groups (constituted of approximate 15 participants per group). You will be contacted in the preamble by the responsible person of the group and you will receive the connecting details (link) until Monday.

Certificates with ERASMUS + label will be offered to the BRIGHT International summer school participants at the end, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. the participants have attended to minimum 75 % of activities held at the BRIGHT Summer school;
  2. the participants have defended the final test;
  3. the participants have fulfilled the final questionnaire.

If you have questions please contact the responsible of your group, or if you have troubles getting in contact with the responsible group person, please use the following form:

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